Air Compressor Problems And Fixes

Whether they are new, or have been in use for years, every air compressor user will one day have air compressor problems and fixes.

This page lists by category many of the common problems air compressors have, provides solutions for most of them, and then offers a comment section on each page to allow visitors to add advice where they can, and to ask questions on that topic when they are looking for air compressor problems and fixes.

Scroll down, have a look, and visit the page(s) that address the air compressor issue you are having.

More Air Compressor Problems And Solutions -

General air compressor issues



Compressor air leaks

Compressor will not start / will not stop – run issues

Compressor oil issues

Electrical motor and power issues

Parts and repair issues

Pressure and flow problems

Pressure relief valve issues

Pressure switch problems and solutions

Pump problems

Regulator issues

Tank check valve issues

Unloader valve problems



  1. Sarah Breland says:

    What kind of oil do I put in my compressor

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