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Need some help with your air compressor? Fix My Compressor should be able to help. is your on-line guide to buying, operating and maintaining your home and workshop air compressor.

There is an enormous variety of compressors available to the home or small workshop user. So much so that trying to figure out which is best for you, and then, once you make a purchase, how best to use it and maintain the small air compressor can be no little  problem. Fix My Compressor will help with that.

The purpose of Fix My Compressor is to provide all the information you may need to make the best use of your new, or new to you, air compressor and to be able to do some  diagnosis when compressor problems occur, as they will, for sure.

Fix My Compressor?

portable-air-compressorIn order to help you fix your compressor we will continually be adding  pages about the air compressor components, what those air components look like, and what  function they perform on the compressor. There are many pages about how all these various air components work together on your air compressor to make it operate properly.

And then, when inevitably something goes wrong with your air compressor, Fix My Compressor will be here to help solve that compressor problem with you. We, or any number of other air-compressor-knowledgeable visitors will provide answers to your air compressor using questions that you can ask in the comments section of most pages.

Visitor’s Comments

We are thrilled when we get comments like these:

From Jay in October 2016: Thanks for your great site. I was able to find that the starter on my regulator had the hot wire slid off the spade lug. Simple fix (a bit of a pain to work in that small box tho). Great site!

From Shawn in September 2016: Compressor had air over the piston. This site solved my problem quickly. Thanx,

From Benjamin in February 2016: Just to say thank you for this page, instantly able to diagnose intake valve failing, turned out to be a gasket blown through, 10 min job that saved me a whole heap of pain and expense.

From Ally in December 2015: Thanks for your help, I have replaced the PRV and the compressor is working as it should.
It’s a shame I had to fork out for an expensive pressure switch (£23.78) when all I needed was a cheap PRV (£2.99).

From R. Torres in September 2015: Thank you for your advice and help. I had purchased a new starting capacitor which did not make a difference. I was about to purchase a pressure switch when I came up on your website. I simply opened the existing  pressure switch box and lifted the switch plate up with a screwdriver, plugged it back in, and it started working immediately. So, thank you, once again.

From T. Ames in August 2015: This is the Best and most thorough site I have ever found regarding air compressors and their repair.
Many thanks to the authors for taking so much time to assemble this site and sharing it.

From Erich in August 2015: Just ran into the same problem of air escaping from the unloader valve once the tank was up to max and the motor stopped.  I opened the check valve and there was a small piece of rubber sealant holding the check valve open.  Almost went to buy a new compressor.  Thanks for the tip.

From Bob in July 2015: My last compressor cost me $163.00 for a replacement switch and fitting (Aus) with this info from this page i bought 1 for on Ebay for $16.00 and fitted myself, works great Thank You. B.B.

Well, you are very welcome indeed. Thanks for visiting this site, and come back often to get more tips about how to fix my compressor.


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We perceive this compressed air information website as being a cooperative one, one that provides tons of information for all  air compressor owners and users, and one that allows contributions from other compressor owners that have experiences with compressor issues raised.

Welcome. We hope you find our Fix My Compressor website very useful.

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