Air Compressor Wiring Problems

This page is for anyone that has air compressor wiring problems and cannot figure out how to fix it themselves.

It is important that, along with your question you upload a photo or two of the area on the air compressor power supply, ON/OFF switch, pressure switch connections, motor connections or capacitor connections where you are experiencing the problem. Doing so will help others help you.

air compressor wiring problems - www.fix-my-compressor.comNot being electricians, we are hesitant to offer specific electrical advice to others ourselves, though with adequate care and concern we have no problem monkeying around with the wires on our own air compressors.

Adequate care means to ensure that the power supply to the air compressor is off until you are ready to test it, and an understanding the air compressor capacitors are simply fast discharge batteries, and if the capacitor on your air compressor has a charge, then you can easily get zapped if you don’t take care.

We will certainly offer compressor wiring advice in general terms, like check to make sure your air compressor is plugged in and the like but cannot dispense specific electrical advice.

We expect that any air compressor wiring problems will be responded to fairly quickly by the host of visitors that visit this site.

Air Compressor Wiring Problems

Postings and responses are below. If you are in a position to offer advice to a questioner about their air compressor wiring problems, please do.


  1. Travis Carmichael says:

    i have a MT30004 PowerPal handheld. i have taken the rear plate off(rear bell assembly) and i disconnected some of the wires from their terminals and now am scared to trial and error them back. can you/somebody help. i cant find a clear picture and manual prints don’t even show wires there. cord comes in the housing with the usual blck,wht,grn. inside the machine itself are red, blue,black white. the problem is on the plastic terminal plate under the rear plate are a bunch of male terminals. where does everything connect? thank you

    • Hi Travis. We’ve created a new page on the site to help address air compressor wiring problems, and moved your post to there.

      We were unable to find a photo of the MT30004 air compressor. We did find out that it is made by Campbell Hausfeld, so if you have not contact them for details, it would be a good idea to do so.

      We can tell you that on the supply side typically the black wire is the hot, the white wire is the return, and the green wire is ground. As to “red, blue,black white. ” not being able see any circuit diagram makes this a bit difficult to interpret.

      For example, does the Power Pal MT30004 have an ON/OFF switch? If so, again typically, the black wire from the supply side would connect to one side of the compressor ON/OFF switch, and the other wire from the switch would feed to the motor or motor capacitor if there is one.

      Hope this provides a bit of guidance, and that someone with the MT30004 can offer specific advice.

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