Who Makes This Air Compressor

Who makes this air compressor, and where can I get parts?

While parts supply problems abound for the relatively low cost, home-oriented, fractional or low HP air compressors, there are often real gems of older, industrial air compressors to be found out in the world.

Some of these jewels of air compressors can be had for next to nothing, and the enterprising repair-type person can rebuild and get a real tough industrial air compressor for little or nothing.

But, what if you cannot determine who makes this air compressor? By the same token, if you cannot figure out who makes this compressor, then how do you find any spare parts that may be in storage, in a garage or basement somewhere in the world.

Who Makes This Compressor

That’s what this page is all about. The idea is that someone with an unknown air compressor will post here, along with a good picture of it, and another visitor may recognize the make, maybe even the model and source of the air compressor.

This page is for you to use.

Please do add a picture (or two or three) to your post as it will be very difficult for someone to figure out who makes that air compressor from just a description. Also add any serial numbers, cast numbers, anything that might help someone help you.


  1. I have a very old compressor I would like to save from the scrap yard,the only numbers on the pump are g157 and possibly the last digit is 8 or b,this is a twin cylinder and has air intake level on the cylinder head ,is driven by a newman motor,any help would be great news looks to good to scrap ,Chris from liverpool

    • This compressor proving to be very difficult to id all I know is it is american would like to keep original any manual or parts. please get in touch cheers Chris from liverpool

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