Sullivan Palatek Air Compressors

Sullivan Palatek air compressors are manufactured in Michigan City Indiana.

They have been building air compressors since 1984, and doing so in their Michigan City location since 2007.

Their compressor product range includes industrial electric air compressors in a variety of sizes, and portable air compressors as well. They feature rotary screw technology in their compressors, ranging upwards from 5.4 HP to 450 HP monster compressors.

Sullivan Palatek air compressors -


Along with air compressors they manufacture and offer a wide range of equipment to complement air compressors, including extension drying and de-watering technology.

The logical first place to go for help with your Sullivan Palatek air compressor is the source.

Sullivan-Palatek, Inc.
1201 West US Highway 20
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 874-2497
Toll Free: (800) 438-6203
Fax: (219) 809-0203

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  1. I have a Sullivan Palatek 25D4 compressor. the compressor runs fine. But when i stop the compressor (Not the e-stop) oil gushes out from the air filter canister.

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