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Devilbiss air compressors have been around a long time.

This next paragraph is provided by Wikipedia:

MAT Industries LLC (formerly the DeVilbiss Air Power Company) is an American company that manufactures air compressors, pneumatic tools, generators, pressure washers, and accessories for them. The company was founded in 1888. In 1999 Devilbiss Air Power Co. was acquired by Pentair. Pentair sold the company to Black & Decker in 2004. Following the 2010 merger of Stanley Works and Black and Decker,the new Stanley Black & Decker sold DeVilbiss Air Power to MAT Holdings on March 31, 2011. The company is now known as MAT Industries LLC. (,_LLC)”

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If your Devilbiss air compressor is reasonably current, consider contacting MAT Industries directly for information and support:

MAT Holdings Inc.
6700 Wildlife Way,
Long Grove, IL 60047
Phone (847) 821-9630

The address is the locale for their Devilbiss U.S,  operations. You can get access to their European and Asian information from their website too.

MAT Holdings has a number of recognized brands in tools and in air compressors. See their brands here:

Parts for Devilbiss air compressors are also still available from other on line sources. If you Google “parts for Devilbiss air compressors” you will find a number of sources. With any luck, your Devilbiss air compressor will still be supported through these outlets.

In Canada, the Devilbiss name appears to be held by a company called DeVair, and they supply Devibiss compressor parts. see:

This page offers a place for Devilbiss air compressors owners to ask questions and post responses helping each other with user obtained information.

Please read the existing questions and answers before posting your own question, and do feel free to comment to help another Devilbiss air compressor owner if you can.


  1. I have a 125 HP Devilbiss Steel Driver air compressor and the drain valve is basically broken and i can’t drain it. I can hear some water swishing around, not a lot. The drain is a copper “T” screw (sorry for not knowing the correct name), and it’s basically stripped now assuming it’s rusted shut. What’s the best route to get this thing repaired and drained? Thank you!

    • The tank drain should be able to be screwed out to remove it. You may need a big wrench if the compressor is old and the drain is rusted in. If, in the process, you break the drain, you may need to get a broken thread puller. Your tank drain needs to be replaced.

  2. Scooter says:

    I have a DeVilbiss 5.5 20 gallon air compressor. It’s been sitting for a while. It builds air to about 40lbs and won’t get any higher. You can hear air blowing back through the valve when you turn it off until it’s empty. Does this mean that the valve is bad?

    • Yes, and possibly that’s just one of the issues. Certainly, that’s a must fix, and if it’s a valve plate, we suggest you replace it, any gaskets you find, and make sure you check the piston seal(s) at the same time, since these parts are now accessible.

  3. Hi I have a devibliss 5.5 hp and it fills up until it blows the fuse or if I shut it off it will blow the fuse as soon As turned back on. Is that the switch or unloader valve?

    • So, it starts sometimes but won’t fill the tank to the normal cut out pressure? Drain all the air from the tank. Try to start the compressor. If it starts OK but blows the fuse before the tank pressure reaches cut out, it could possibly be a short in the pressure switch, but we think that a compressor motor capacitor failing is likely. See the page on this site about how to test it / them.

  4. I have a devilbiss 5 hp 60 gallon upright that is 25 years old and been a great compressor. but the problem now is trying to start it . the motor runs great but the pump turns slow and tries to stop turning to the point where the motor is still turning and the belt is squealing and smoking. its almost like the pump is trying to compression lock . if i turn it by hand it spins easily… any ideas what i can look for ?

    • We are assuming that the compressor is lubed, and that the oil sump is full, yes?.

      Make sure the tank check valve works.

      Make sure the intake port for the pump is clear.

      If both OK, we would suspect an intake or pressure valve problem or a cylinder mechanical drive issue, perhaps due to wear and binding.

  5. Kathy Overman says:

    I have a .75 hp, 2 gal., 120v DeVilbiss compressor model RA102D-1. It has a pressure relief valve instead of a pressure switch. I would like to add a pressure switch. Is this possible, which should I use and how do I do it?

    • We see that this Devilbiss compressor has a continuous bleed once the tank pressure reaches a certain pressure level, yet the compressor runs continuously. Having a pressure switch would allow the compressor motor to stop once the tank pressure reached the cut out setting.

      Can you add a pressure switch? Sure. As long as the wiring for the motor goes through the pressure switch, the pressure switch can “read” the tank pressure by having access to the tank, and as long as the cut out pressure setting of the switch are equal to the “bleed” pressure setting of the existing bleed valve, any switch would work.

      Should you add a pressure switch? Maybe. Is the motor designed for frequent starts and stops? That we don’t know, so adding a pressure switch could have a negative affect on the life of the motor.

      If you are prepared for maybe having a lower life on the motor, then we would tee off the line that’s running from the cylinder to the tank and plumb it to the pressure switch, then run the power supply to the motor through the switch so that the tank pressure would either turn on or turn off the motor depending on the tank pressure.

      Be careful. Your Devilbiss RA102D was designed to work the way it does and changing that may have compressor failure a result. Don’t mess with electrical devices if you are not confident in your electrical knowledge.

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