Compressor Leaking Air Under The Hood

Is your air compressor leaking air under the hood?

By that, we mean that you’ve got a smaller air compressor, the pump and motor are completely shrouded by a plastic cover, you cannot easily access under the hood, yet you can hear air leaking from out of there.

Typically, the smaller air compressors have a fractional HP motor, have a single, very small cylinder, have a hole in the cylinder top to allow air to enter, and somewhere in the plumbing from pump cylinder to tank fitting there is a small bleeder hole.

You have to remove the compressor hood

Sorry, but first you must try to figure out how the plastic cover is attached to the air compressor, and remove it.

Once it’s off, run the compressor, and see if you can pinpoint where the air is leaking from. After you get a good charge of air in the compressor, shut it off or pull the plug. Now you can hear and can feel around the cylinder and any holes you find, to see if that is where the air is leaking from.

When you find the leak, and we expect that you will, where do you think the air is coming from, if the air compressor is not running? From the tank.

Compressor Leaking Air Under The Hood

Compressor Leaking Air Under The Hood - check the tank check valve

Small air compressor tank check valve

And if air is leaking from the compressor tank, that points to the compressor tank check valve as being the problem.

Clean or replace your compressor tank check valve and that should solve the most frequent reason why an air compressor is leaking air under the hood.

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