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Wondering about Snap On air compressors?

Most folks in North America are familiar with the mid-size white vans with Snap On emblazoned in big red letters all over them, traveling their routes, and selling well-reputed Snap On Tools to shops and garages on the way.

As part of their product mix, Snap On offers their customers Snap On brand air compressors as well.

They have other channels to market for the Snap On air compressor range. They sell their shop / garage line of air compressors on line through their own web site, and their route sales people. The on line perception is that these products are of very good quality.

Fix My Compressor - Snap On air compressorsSnap On compressors are also available from Amazon, and other on line outlets. Many big box stores like Costco and The Home Depot sold Snap On compressors and presently they are still available from Northern Tool. The perception at on line news groups is that the Snap On compressors available from retail outlets are not the same quality as those bought directly from Snap On.

Who Makes Snap On Air Compressors?

Snap On does not manufacture their air compressors. Like other major retailers Snap On shops at various compressor companies for their compressors, buying a range or model from one, other models from other companies, all branded with the recognized Snap On brand.

Users indicate that over the years Snap On Air compressors have been built for them by companies such as Rolair and The Big Red One  made by Sleegers Engineered Products Inc.  in Canada. Another Canadian company, Brahma Compressors is said to have made compressors for Snap On as well. The thing is, even these companies don’t make all the parts, but assemble various components into a finished compressor that is labeled as Snap On.

Various Manufacturer’s Mean Parts Supply Issues

When you buy a Snap On air compressor, it is going to fail! Not just Snap On compressors will fail, of course, but when you buy any brand of air compressor and start using it, the clock is running, and one day, something will fail and your air compressor won’t work.

Where do you get parts for your Snap On air compressor?

The logical place to start is their customer service line from 8-5, Central Time, Monday to Friday: toll free number at 877-762-7664. You will want to have the model number and probably even any serial numbers handy when you call. Ask their service people about parts and if they are no longer available for your model, do they know who made the compressor for Snap On originally. If they have that info, contact the original manufacturer for parts availability.

Depending on what has gone wrong with your Snap On air compressor, many parts can be sourced elsewhere. Pressure switches, PRV valves, regulators and the like need not be Snap On brand to work on their air compressor.

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  1. I have an 80 gal. Snap on compressor model# bra7180v and i dont think ive ever heard the tank draining. I was told that the drain was automatic but my owners manual refers to a manual petcock. Am i able to manually drain tank? If not is there a check process that i can do.

    • Snap On compressor drain petcock

      I’ve uploaded an image of the Snap On bra7180v and added an arrow where, typically, the tank drain petcock is located. It is usually at the lowest point in an air compressor tank, to facilitate draining all the captured water.

      Yes, you are able to manually drain the tank, and you should get in the habit of doing so regularly to help prevent standing water in the tank, and the ensuing corrosion of the inner wall over time.

  2. 7 HP, 230V 1-Phase Baldor motor on 80-gallon Snap-On compressor started buzzing/stalling for about 1-1.5 seconds when it kicks on. Replaced the two capacitors, but that did not cure it. Spec sheet lists “mag starter,” is this an internal centrifugal switch that switches it from start to run windings as it starts up? Could that be the issue? Do you know of any drawings on how to get to it/replace it? Thanks very much.

  3. David Mansker says:

    My Br223p ser391699 has a blown out 1/4 inch quick release tube that plugs to the out let manifold where can I buy the tubing I need here in Phoenix Arizona.

    • This is a case where a photo would do much to let others help you, David. I cannot find an image of your Snap On air compressor Br223p, and I am not sure, from your description, just what tube you speak of. Can you please add a couple of images of the area on the compressor where this tube is?

  4. Hey there. ..I have model BRA5dv30vp 30 gallon serial # Jac15099-122 compressor…when I bought the compressor brand new…I had no issues…now it only gets to about 40 psi and then blows the breaker…I had an electrician test it…and its drawing 45 amps instead of the max 25…anyone ever had these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated! !!

    • Please see the page on this site about how to check your compressor motor capacitors, and then check them. Unless you’ve had a radical change in the electrical circuits supplying the compressor, I believe that the caps are the issue with your current Snap On compressor issue.

  5. Harry Vickers says:

    I need to buy an DRC manifold for snap on air compressor 870765 20 gal vertical. Pls help me. The manifold was broken.

    Thank you,

    • When I Googled manifold for snap on air compressor 870765 I found many sources of what appears to be the manifold, Harry. If none of them suit, you can build your own using the various parts from the existing manifold, and using brass fittings to recreated the manifold.

  6. who sells parts for snap on compressor model 871000c. looking for a rebuild kit. thanks

  7. I purchased this compressor used for my friends Bodyshop but while being transported some careless person pulled off the yellow wires show in picture, how do I properly connect these yellow wires

    • Ronnie, sorry, no image accompanied your post. Please start again, and upload the photo you refer to please.

  8. Kenny forrest says:

    Thanks for help about unloader valve . Fitted new one now the air escapes through the unloader valve all the time till tank
    is empty. Took out tank check valve, it was very corroded and seized needs a new one . Where can I get one ?

    • If you Google your model number, you will find parts for some of them. Otherwise, simply Google compressor tank check valve to find an assortment. Pick the one that is the same as yours.

  9. Kenny forrest says:

    I have snap on 2.2 kW single phase compressor 200 ltr tank iIt starts up fine on empty tank ,goes off at right pressure .When tank pressure reaches 80 psi motor tries to start but just buzzes and blows 13 amp fuse in plug top Its like there is tank pressure on top of the Pistons making it difficult for restart

    • Kenny, we think that the problem with your Snap On compressor is that the unloader valve may not be working. If air is trapped over the piston, it adds too much load to the motor circuit, and often the motor will buzz and the breaker let go. See the page on this topic on this site.

    • About the: “I have snap on 2.2 kW single phase compressor”. Kenny i believe it may be the start capacitor..Try spinning the motor with the belt attached! Also another way is to drain the tank an see if the motor still hums. If still hums i would get a new start capacitor or at least look into that area..Good luck

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