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Welcome to the world of Atlas Copco compressors their website boasts.

That is a valid statement considering that Atlas Copco has been in the business of air compressor and industrial equipment for over 100 years, and their products and services are available in dozens and dozens of countries around the world.

Unlike some other major air compressors, Atlas Copco is seriously in the business of providing rental air compressors, air compressors that can be acquired for a specific project, and then returned when the need for that expensive piece of capital equipment is over.

For those applications requiring Oil-Free compressed air, Atlas Copco has solutions. For other industrial needs, they offer a broad range of Oil-Lubricated air compressors.

You can acquire a reciprocating (piston) air compressor from Atlas Copco, or they offer a broad range of rotary screw type compressors as well. Typically, their line of tow-behind (portable) air compressors, with a range of power supplies, are of the rotary screw design.

Fix My Compressor - Atlas Copco Portable CompressorThis Fix My Compressor site was conceived originally to help folks with their home or small workshop air compressors. We are finding that folks are posting questions about all kinds of air compressors, including the Atlas Copco compressors line.

The logical first step if you are having a problem with your Atlas Copco air compressor is to contact them: Their American customer service team can be contacted at 800-732-6762 or Visiting their site will provide contact info for other offices around the world.

The folks behind this Fix My Compressor website are not experts in the use or maintenance of the tow behind  portable air compressor. Many folks are, however.  Questions posed about any problems with the Atlas Copco air compressor will be found at the bottom of this page. We invite you to help users of these compressors whenever you can by adding your advice to the questions below. Of course, if you have a question, feel free to post it as well.

Please note that questions about other than Atlas Copco air compressors will not be posted on this page.





  1. Michael says:

    I have Atlas copco GA132W rotary screw air compressor and its motor is burnt and re-winded in our workshop.Its starting system is star/delta and right now we are facing a problem of tripping the motor at starting from the incoming breaker,so what would you advise us?(NB we have checked the controller alone,motor with out load and its okay)

  2. Peter Phillimore says:

    I posted on one of the other pages to see if you knew what the compressor is I have just been given, but I have just found a tag saying it is a atlas copco PE4 compressor. It is not a tow behind type though? I was hoping if anyone can give me any information about this type of machine and what part is what as I would love to restore it and where can I get parts that would fit this.

  3. Jason Wallin says:

    New Atlas Copco GX5FF
    Plugged in and will not start unless I push the contacts in on the relay. Single Phase 230V machine (New)
    Fuses are good.

    • If it’s not starting, and you’ve got correct power, then it’s the pressure switch / unloader that’s likely preventing power getting to the motor. I’m puzzled though… if it’s new, what does Atlas Copco support say?

  4. I have a tow behind XAS77 recently oil has started coming out of the air taps, changed the separator with out any joy.
    The machine will run for 4-5 hours with out the aforementioned happening. Any one have any ideals?? Many thanks

  5. atlas copco gx5 ff 7.5 hp,,,rotary screw compressor,,,with a phoenix rotary phase converter,,,was working good for 2 1/2 years and just stopped,,,2 professional electrial people told me it was the motor,,,,nope,,, pulled motor,,,checked not the problem,by motor rebuilder,,,rotary phase motor runs normal,,on start of compressor just growls,,,all magnetic switches kick in ,,but no start,,of compressor ,, all line voltages at 208 vac,,,help me please

    • Happy to post this for you in the hope that someone with more knowledge of Atlas Copco rotary screw machines can provide assistance. Good luck.

      • after 4 days of studying the controls and with a simple circuit tester found no juice to one leg of the terminal relay,,,, Siemens ,,, ,,which is under and connected magnetic stater ,it was burned out ,,only 1 leg,,,new switch ordered,,hope it works,,,just follow the juice,


    I have a atlas compressor which is running for a minute and trip it self. stated that the temperature is high. what must i fix?

  7. Hello We have atlas Copco air compressor model GA910. The problem is that there is clicking sound can be heard when the compressor in unload. And when on load no clicking sound heard. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.

  8. I have problem in compressor Atlas Copco ZT110 (220Amp)Free oil type that when compressor motor change from star to delta and delta contactor energized immediately the main circuit breaker tripped, while there was no up normal sound and coupling between compressor and motor is turning smoothly.
    We suspected that we had problem in motor control, we checked it’s ok . also we changed the main circuit breaker, make insulation test
    for cable from C/B to compressor it’s Ok.
    In a compressor side we changed the check valve and make check for the inlet valve function it’s Ok.
    Finally we disconnected the coupling of compressor and run motor alone it running well without C/B trip, line Ampere is 37A.
    Please Advice..

  9. DEAN sHIMIZU says:

    I have a Atlas Copco xavs400cd7 that we have been having trouble with. It is very hard to start but after you get it started it seems to run fine you can load the compressor fine, but when you go to unload you press the unload button and instead of unloading it will go to cooldown mode and shut the unit off. We have tried a different controler that didn’t help,installed new engine ecm and we thought that fixed the problem it worked fine about 15 to20 times as soon as it went out into service it started doing the same thing again.

  10. I have a “XRVS 1000 CD6 t4i” (1547hrs, S/N APP248683) that will not build tank psi. the engine sits at 1300rpm and loads at 1800rpm, when it thinks its loaded it goes back to 1300rpm, when it says loaded I never heard it load the tank. the screen tells me there is 88psi, when I open the ball valve there is no air. im not familiar with atlas copco, any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

    • Andrew, we have moved your question over to the Atlas Copco forum in the hopes that a visitor with Atlas Copco tow behind air compressors can provide some insight for you.

  11. Fred Kaltofen says:

    I have a Atlas Copco rotary screw air compressor and it starts and runs fine, but occasionally it loads air or unloads and starts whining and I have to go and flip the switch to unload and back again to make it stop. This is usually only a couple times in an 8 hour period but would like to fix before it gets worse. Also this compressor is now a backup so only runs once a week. Thanks

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