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For years it was assumed that Ingersoll Rand air compressors were built for the industrial market. And they certainly were. We are not sure when IR made the move into, shall we say, smaller, more consumer oriented compressors, but they are in this market too, with a vengeance.

On this page we would like to focus on the smaller, reciprocating Ingersoll Rand air compressors. Yet, with the comment section, we invite questions from folks using any of their models.

If you are an IR air compressor user, and you see a question or comment that you can help out with, leave your thoughts as a comment there, if you would. Of course, only comments and questions about Ingersoll Rand air compressors can be added to this page.

We are focusing on Ingersoll Rand air compressors, like the bad boy shown in this next photo. Sweet machine, hmmm?

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors - www.fix-my-compressor.comIngersoll Rand air compressors are available from industrial supply houses, yet nowadays are available from a string of retail sources like the Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Northern Tool and a host of on line suppliers.

We would like to think that their move to a more consumer oriented product did not mean that they cheapened the quality of their historically quality oriented and reliable compressors.

At least, when you buy an IR air compressor, you can talk to the manufacturer should you have a problem. In North America technical support for the Ingersoll Rand brand of compressors is available from:

North America
800-E Beaty Street
Davidson, NC 28036
Ingersoll Rand Tool Helpline: 1-800-866-5457

If you are looking for help from the Ingersoll Rand compressor-owning community, consider posting a comment or question below.


  1. Tony Hoyt says:

    I have an IR UP6-7.5 rotary screw compressor that will not restart automatically after the pressure has drop to the restart point. from empty I push manual start button and everything is ok till it hits 150 psi the it shuts down,like it should but you can run it dry and will never restart unless I hit the manual restart again.I have already replaced the pressure switch, and have tried operating in both the continues run mode, & the auto stop /start mode. can anyone help

  2. I want CMC service tool with license to communicate PC with BCM or OUI or ucm could you help me?

    • No, I sure can’t. I expect someone out there can, so happy to post this for you. Watch for replies. Good luck.

  3. I have a 5 HP 60 gallon compressor (IR SS) that runs good in the fact that it starts and stops when it should but my problem is that it losses pressure at the tool right after the motor/pump shuts off. This lasts for about 5-8 seconds. This is no big deal when using grinders or similar tools but when using a paint gun or my plasma cutter it becomes an issue. Does anyone know what may be causing this?

  4. I have an Ingersoll Rand 5 horse single stage 60 gallon compressor. I bought it new and it worked awesome. I could hold a blow gun wide open and it would still pump up and shut off.

    I use it in my pole barn and it doesn’t get used to all that much.

    After approximately 15 or 20 refills over the course of about a year-and-a-half, It just started running and running and running and running and not shutting off. The gauge on the tank has a lot of trouble getting past a hundred pounds, but the gauge in the line will go up to 110 ( it’s max) pretty easy.

    As the tank is building from a very low pressure, the gauge in the line is always about 10 or 15 pounds higher than the gauge on the tank as its building. For kicks I let it run for about 15 minutes and it still wouldn’t shut off. In the past it would only take about 3 minutes.

  5. Fleet Spell says:

    I have an ingersoll rand 7100e15v. It started out as tank pressure bleeding out of the unloader valve on the pressure switch. We have replaced pressure switch with a new one, that didn’t work. I contacted Ingersoll rand and they told me that the heads need to be rebuilt. So that was about a $500 kit with the same results. The problem is the pistons have no relief holes, there is no unloader piston in the first stage head and there is no tank check valve installed, and this is the way it came from the factory. This compressor has ran great for many years until about 2 weeks ago. Now it will cycle on, build pressure, cut off but it trips the breaker when trying to restart due to the fact it has tank pressure on top of the pistons. This is a real head scratcher. If anyone has any insight. It is much appreciated. And I apologize if this isn’t in the right catagory.

  6. I have an Ingersoll Rand T30. Recently it started kicking the breaker after running for about 5-10 seconds. I was testing it with the write up on this site when one of the capacitors blew. Was it a bad capacitor, or do I have a bad motor? Any suggestions?


    • Don’t know how testing a cap should cause the cap to blow. I would hope it was the cap. Easier and cheaper to replace that than a motor on your T-30.

  7. Gareth Edwards says:

    I have an Ingersoll Rand compressor with 1 port p/switch, the compressor starts up and stops ok but won’t start again when the pressure drops. I have tested the continuity across the connections when the pressure drops and can see its made but compressor won’t start until I press start but again can someone help, thanks

    • Gareth, when the compressor reaches cut out and stops, can you determine if the unloader valve is working? Please let us know.

  8. Hello all. I found this site via google, and it appears to be a wonderful site for information about old (and new) compressors. Thank you for that 🙂

    I have recently aquired a very old Ingersoll Rand Type 30 253 with serial number 98724.

    Does anyone here have any information about this compressor pleaes? Would be very nice to know when it was made, amongst other things.

    Is synthetic oil, e.g. Ingersoll Rand XL-300, any good on this compressor? any alternatives that works well?

    I am thankful for any replies. Thanks.

    Cheers, Martin

  9. John Wright says:

    Hi I have just started working on a 1946 type 30 model 242 I purchased earlier this year
    I think it is all original even the electric motor is a 3 hp British Thompson Huston repulsion which I have had overhauled can anyone tell me where to obtain spares in the UK as there is a part missing from the centre of the crankcase cover I do not know what this does so I suppose I need a manual or some literature so I can read up on it

  10. Andrew Taylor says:

    I have an Ingersoll Rand model SSR-XP7.5 rotary screw compressor which refuses to shut off at the high pressure point set.

    I’m suspicious of the two way solenoid as it seem to want to slip entirely out of its housing. I’m assuming it should remain in the housing rather than move up and down. When it slips all the way down the compressor runs but makes no air, when I manually push it up the compressor makes air. Its the green component in the attached photo. Easy component to replace but would be a relief to know its the actual root of the problem.


  11. On our Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor there is an Alarm condition Power Module Test 7 and mentioned on display. Any ideas why?

  12. I have a IR 400 VHP with a cummins diesel, starts good the when I push the service air button ,it runs up builds 200 psi, but nothing out any of the ball valves, I drained the water off og the seperator and out of the air cooler still nothing, whats up? please

    • We are happy to post this for you in the Ingersoll Rand section, in the hopes that a visitor with experience with your compressor can comment. None of use use your model of compressor, so we hesitate to guess.

  13. Hello,
    I own an IR 60 gallon C2340 compressor.. Recently it hasn’t been shutting off at times.. blows the PRV.. Even switching the switch on the compressor unit itself doesn’t work. I have to shut off breaker.. I believe that the contacts are burnt and sticking.. When the power is off I have to pull them back manually… Is there another possibility that I should look at?? Can you buy just the contacts or do I have to buy the whole pressure switch assembly??

    • willyr says:

      Good questions, Brad. We think, too, that the pressure switch is at fault. The points may have just worn out, or there may be some arcing, indication, perhaps an electrical short of some kind in the power circuit. We are not seeing any parts supply or information on line about the C2340 IR compressor, so cannot comment on the source for parts.

  14. Colin Tyler says:

    So I have a two stage 1973 Ford Rotunda 3 phase 10 hp compressor manufactured by Ingersol Rand. Because it is 3 phase I have to power it with my 12kw 15 surge Onan 4 cyl diesel generator that’s probably a few years older than the compressor. I got the unloader working properly to remove head pressure on both heads. There is no tank check valve but the location of cylinder output pipe to tank means that unloader doesn’t drain tank when open. There is some kind of relief valve on the primary cylinder output manifold. It has a lever and when you pull it the manifold unloads but again no tank unloading. I cleaned this up and oiled it too, but it only seems to unload manifold pressure when you pull the lever. I need this pressure relieved as well as the 2 cylinder head pressure which is taken care of by the unloader valve on the pressure cutout switch. If the manifold pressure is not relieved as well the generator can’t handle the startup when cycling cut in is 90psi cut out is 145. I put a tee in the manifold with this pressure relief back on top and a 1/4 tube out the side. This relieves startup pressure on the manifold and allows the generator to start the motor when cycling. The tube is open all the time and compressed air comes out the whole time when running until cut out. It does not drain from the tank. The CFM is so high in this compressor it hardly makes a difference, but I would like to know if this valve isn’t working as it should? It is more than a relief I think as it has a lever rather than a pin with pull ring. I am considering a solenoid on the 1/4 tube tied through the second set of contacts in the pressure cutout switch so it will work just like the unloader (and at the same time) but for manifold pressure rather than head pressure. I don’t really think it is necessary though… What is this valve? It seems like it should relieve manifold pressure when the compressor stops turning…. Thanks in advance!

    • Colin Tyler says:

      I know that this picture doesn’t show what I am talking about. This is the sellers photo on Craigslist. I will try to take a pic tomorrow of the valve. You can see the tank fill pie and the head to head tube and tube down to unloader though… The relief I am talking about is on the manifold rear of right hand cylinder.

  15. Adnan Ibne Rahaman says:

    Can anybody help me? My Ingersoll Rand IR400 air compressor has a problem.

    It seems every thing is ok but when I open the release valve there is no air. Does anybody have any solution?

  16. Ryan Neathawk says:

    Hello – what an awesome site! I have limited knowledge on electrical things, but here goes. I have an Ingersoll Rand 2475N5 compressor – 230V.

    It’s rated to 28 Amps, and we have it hard wired to a 40 amp breaker. I double checked the connections and the wires and connections seem good.

    It’s been running fine since I got it about 6 months ago. It just recently stopped working.

    When I turn it on, it will start to turn over (maybe even several times), and then it will trip the breaker. It’s like it wants to start, and then it stops. We also tried turning it on while holding the air drain open at the top of the motor to help relieve air pressure. Would this possibly suggest the Start Capacitors? There are 2 start capacitors and 1 run capacitor. Both look fine, but one could be bad.

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