Craftsman 919.195410 may not have enough flow?

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Craftsman 919.195410  compressor gets to 140 psi and cuts off. I can run the regulator to 90 psi for my IR impact gun and the gun gets air BUT it will not back a lug off my 1/2 ton truck.  This Gun has 600 ft lbs of torque and is more than enough to rip a lug off this truck.

I actually bought a second gun identical to mine and tried it and the same thing happens.

I use a 1/2 hose with no air leaks anywhere. no kinks . I even tried swapping the gauges around to see if the gauge was reading wrong. Both were same either way. I have used this compressor maybe 10 times in 8 years. It used to work good. I don’t understand how its at 90 psi and dont seems to have enough air to turn the lug nuts. Any ideas? I’m about ready to give up on air and buy a cordless impact. Thanks. Ed Y.

Craftsman 919.195410 compressor
Craftsman 919.195410 compressor

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Difficult to be certain, but from what you’ve written Ed I would suspect that the regulator itself is the problem.

Sometimes the regulator innards get wonky and restrict the flow of air through it. That being the case, though you see 90 PSI on the regulator gauge, the flow to the tool is so slow that the air tool cannot generate the power it should. If you are handy, tee off the discharge line before the regulator, add another coupler, and try running the gun directly from the tank air, rather than through the regulator. If that helps, please let us know.

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I replaced the whole regulator on my 919.195410 with aftermarket one. I even tried 100 psi this time and still will not back off a lug nut .. I thought it might be the 2 1/2 in extension but I cant get a DEEP impact socket to fit cause the walls are to thick to fit the lug nut.

I’m using MCGuard lug nuts. I bought a Dewalt dcf889B 400 ft lbs cordless impact just now. I hope this will work right. Im outta ideas other than trying my gun on someone else’s compressor. Im sure the gun is fine considering its brand new, Ed.

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If the air tool has the strength, if the flow to the air tool is correct, and if the pressure of the air to the air tool is correct, then your lug nut should come off. If it’s not, something is out of line. I still suggest that you tee off before the regulator and use full pressure… or, is there any chance there is a blockage in the line preventing adequate air flow to get to the air tool?

Otherwise, it may simply be an issue that the compressor cannot deliver enough air fast enough to drive the wrench as needed to produce the torque. Please advise if you’ve teed off before the regulator and what happened.

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