The pressure switch on a Sears compressor 919.195411 is shot.

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So the pressure switch on my Sears compressor 919.195411 is shot, says JT. It often won’t shut off and the pressure release valve has to come on.

So of course Sears doesn’t make the part anymore and they have no alternate. My options are to buy one they sell for the latest model, but it doesn’t have an unloader valve on it.

Is it possible to just add another unloader valve to the side of the tank check valve assy? Or am i better off getting a replacement 120psi on and 150psi off switch from Condor: 11LA2E. It has the same specs. Unloader valve is located in another area, but I can always re-route the tube from the check valve to the new location. Any help is appreciated.

Sears wants $500 for a new compressor, but they don’t deserve that simply on principal for not offering replacement parts.

Craftsman 919.195410 compressor
Craftsman 919.195410 compressor


JT, it were us, we would simply acquire a new, non-OEM pressure switch with the same configuration as the old. Many of the pressure switches used on smaller DIY air compressors available in the U.S. and Canada are made by the same couple of companies in China, and are simply marketed under different brand names. If your compressor is still under warranty – then, of course – see the vendor for replacement parts. If not, go for the similar, but off-brand pressure switch. You will find one identical to yours on the market, with a different name, we suspect.


JT says, good advice. It is not under warranty. I did a google search for similar pressure switches, but can’t find anything close for an off-brand replacement other than the Condor one I mentioned. If you know of any other sites etc to look at that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


Condor 11LA2E Pressure Switch

Condor is a good make. If you’ve got access to that one, not much point in looking further we think.

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