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Since we’ve been asked a question about Broom and Wade – Broomwade air compressors –  we thought we would add a page of information about them.

First off, if you have a Broom and Wade air compressor, it could date back to the late 1890’s, since that’s when they first started making compressors and woodworking equipment. The company was originally Broom & Wade, and then changed it’s name to Broomwade back in 1919.

Broomwade air compressors became Holman, and then Compair, and now they are a brand of the Gardner Denver corporation.

Here’s a look at a more modern Broomwade reciprocating compressor (that’s what they specialize in) but given that they have been manufacturing them for more than 100 years, and their size varies up to monstrous in cylinder size and capacity, yours may look quite a bit differently.

Used Broomwade air compressor - www.fix-my-compressor.comThe question that comes up frequently about this brand of air compressor is, where do you get parts?

The logical first step is to contact the source. Here’s where:

Gardner Denver Limited
Claybrook Drive
B98 0DS
T: +44 (0) 1527 838600
F: +44 (0) 1527 838630

Where to get Broomwade Air Compressors Parts

If the source cannot help, then it’s time to scour the online auction and sales houses, trying to find your model, and if the price is doable, acquiring another to cannibalize.

If you have a decent machine shop close by, and you know what part has failed, custom parts can be made.

Things like seals – assuming they are not “O” ring type, can be fabricated by using high-heat gasket material and with the old gasket as a template, new can be cut to size.

And, you can post your search for Broomwade air compressors parts and service below. Good luck in your hunt.


  1. Hi. Just wondering if you can tell me what year this compressor may be from please. I have a couple more pics I can send but it would only let me send 1.. I will email them when I get your email address from your reply. Thanks

    • Hope someone can help, Kevin. To add another photo, just add a comment to your original post, and upload the new photo then.

  2. Thor-Oskar Thyrum says:

    i have a Broomwade 85 . 2 wheeled air screw compressor
    I stil used it.but i dont know the engine:4-syl diesel . diesel pump CAV 334?
    england motor company
    i think i need to fix water pump or thermostat
    does some one know anything abut this

  3. Where can I get parts for a Broomwade Aircompresor parts for model VMD 750 in the UK?

    • Gavin Acar says:

      Hi Kafula

      Did you come right with the spares that you were looking for?

  4. Hi
    I’ve got a Broom and wade B.E.N patent TS22 3ph 200lt compressor that needs servicing badly. It leaks oil from so many places! I’ve searched endlessly on the net /forums for info/schematics, service guides etc… but cant find nowt except for a few pics of ones for sale.
    Any thoughts / help would be most appreciated.

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