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Any of you folks ever heard of a company called Grainger?Are you looking for some industrial pneumatic products? Are you looking for Speedaire air compressors?

Grainger distributes almost everything related to  industrial applications in their nation-wide stores  and in their massive on-line presence.

The air compressor brand Speedaire is Grainger’s own, though they also sell many other compressor brands as well, though only the Speedaire air compressor is the brand they have manufactured for their own distribution and sold to other distribution companies to offer.

The smallest Speedaire compressor we have found is a .9 HP, 120 volt tire compressor putting out 115 PSI at a massive flow of 1.7 CFM. The largest electric air compressor in the Speedaire air compressor family that we could find is the 10 HP, two stage (2 cylinder pumps) unit delivering about 34 CFM at maximum pressure and shown in the image below.

Speedaire air compressor

Photo: www.grainger.com

Unfortunately, no where on their specifications for this model does it show what the maximum pressure output is. We expect it to be in the 150 PSI range, but cannot say for certain.

That’s a nice range of electric air compressors, suggesting that Grainger has a Speedaire for the home and garage, mid-sized workshops, and even some large manufacturing plants using a goodly amount of compressed air.

What about Speedaire support?

Grainger has been in the Speedaire air compressor business for more than 30 years. Since they sell compressors under their brand, but manufactured by diverse companies over the years, getting part supplies for older Speedaire compressors might be tough.

The first thing you want to do is copy the model number from your Speedaire compressor and call Grainger’s spare parts support line which is currently at 1-800-472-4643. They have a pretty good support group and will be able to tell you quite quickly if you can get parts for your Speedaire air compressor from them. Oh, and you may have to listen to an ad when you first call. That sucks!

For older Speedaire compressors you may find, since Campbell Hausfeld made so many compressors for so many companies over the years, that your older Speedaire has spares available from Campbell Hausfeld. Call them at their current parts information line 1-800-543-6400 and ask, and you will need your compressor model number too.

Another source for older Speedaire air compressor parts is on-line forums etc. You’ll still need your compressor model number. Type “parts sources for Speedaire compressor xxxxxxx (x’s are your model number)” into your search browser and you be able to connect with older Speedaire parts from the search returns.

Grainger has been around a long time. They wouldn’t be in business today if they didn’t offer reasonable products at reasonable prices. Over the years, however, we feel that the quality of equipment has diminished since so much of the outsourcing is done in foreign lands, locations that cannot delivery the quality that was inherent with goods made in North America.

If you are considering a Grainger Speedaire air compressor purchase, do your homework. Ask the questions you should ask when you buy any big ticket item, questions such as:

  • longest warranty available on the Speedaire compressor
  • who fixes it under and out of warranty
  • supply of spare parts
  • turn around time of repairs under warranty



  1. Carla Hale says:

    I am looking for repair service in my area for a Speedaire 80 gal two stage air compressor. I’m in Soda Springs, Idaho

    • Carla, please contact your local Grainger office for help with this. They should know local repair stops for you.

  2. Carter Whyte says:

    I have a 4B243A motor setup (3 HP, 14.1 scfm at 40 psi max 40 psi). It has a Dayton 9R730 motor and a VT470401 compressor pump (which i’m unsure if they are original to the 4B243A setup). I have a 5Z364A 60 gallon tank (rated 200 psi).

    I acquired this setup when i purchased a new shop; was left behind by a previous owner. What i’m wondering is; with a tank rated for 200 psi; a compressor pump rated for 135 psi; and a 3 HP 3 phase motor; could i just swap the pressure switch out to something closer to 135 psi and have no issues? If so; are any of the genetic pressure switches suitable? Current there is a Furnas CW207571AV (on 30 off 40 psi) pressure switch on there. Which again; im unsure if this is original to the model number.

    • Your suggestion is fine. Replace the pressure switch with one with that gives you cut out at 135 PSI and cut in around 90 or so. As long as all components in the system can handle the 135 PSI, then you should be fine.

  3. tom schneider says:

    I have a speed air 5Z689A 2 stage compressor and often through the day the PRV on top of one of the cylinders will pop open for a split second just as the motors stop. Also you can sit and watch the pulley and motor rotate slightly on the same stage as the PRV, after the motor has stopped, as if the piston is moving on its own.

    • Only that a PRV burp is an indicator of air flow being blocked a bit, and that may be pointing to a bad valve.

  4. We have two (isolated) 1WD61 Speedaire (champion) compressors. We have observed small issues on both units as follows:

    Unit 1: Operates normally except that air bleeds from pressure switch during the first 30 seconds of the cycle. The bleed stops during the second half of the cycle and the unloader valve releases air as intended post-cycle. There is no continuous air bleed between cycles. Is this likely a failed unloader valve or a dirty check valve?

    Unit 2: Cycles on and builds pressure normally at first filling. However under low usage the unit cycles on every minute with a short (6 second) cycle. This continues to happen at these intervals. I assume the pressure switch is activating too early (low end) and needs to be replaced. Does that sound reasonable?


    • Regarding unit 1, I would suspect that the unloader valve itself is the culprit, as, when the compressor is running, the pressure switch should have tripped it to off, and no air should be existing it then. It may need a cleaning, is all. If that doesn’t resolve it, I would change the unloader.

      Unit 2, whether air from the tank is used quickly or slowly, the pressure switch should not trip to ON until the cut in pressure level is reached, and then it should trip to OFF when the cut out tank pressure is reached. That it cycles in 6 second increments suggests a weak spring, points burnt, diaphragm leaking or all of them, an a replacement switch should resolve this.

  5. Clay Stephenson says:

    I have a wheelbarrow model 1vn93 that runs great but only pumps up to between 20-30psi and no more. Any ideas?

    • If the pressure in the compressor tank will only rise to a certain level, and that’s below the normal unload pressure level where the motor throttles down, then the issue is most likely the pump itself.

      While this page (//fix-my-compressor.com/air-compressor-will-not-stop/) is oriented to electrically driven compressor pumps, the message is the same for gasoline driven pumps exhibiting your symptoms.

      – intake valve failing
      – pressure valve failing
      – blown gasket inside pump
      – tank check valve is impeding flow
      – compressor leaks somewhere at the same rate that air is pumping into the tank

      Not knowing how long you’ve had this Speedaire 1VN93, nor when or if you’ve had a pump rebuild, I suspect it’s time now. Good luck.

  6. Travis McDaniel says:

    We have a Speedaire Model 4B219, now discontinued, that blows the pressure relief valve every time the motor is about to kick off after reaching the specified pressure. The valve blows and the motor kicks back on. I have to manually shut the valve, but it will continue happening all day long if I do that. I have managed to make it work in the past by playing with the outlet pressure adjustment knob, but that is no longer working. They no longer make the pressure switch for this model to my knowledge. Do I need to replace it with an alternative or should I be looking at something else? Thanks..

    • Travis, I’ve moved your question to the Speedaire page. I’m a bit puzzled by the fact that you refer to the PRV blowing off when the compressor cuts out, and then later talk about them no longer making the pressure switch? Is the PRV on this model not part of the regulator manifold, and not located anywhere near the pressure switch? If the compressor is cutting out at the correct pressure setting, and the PRV is cracking open at that point, then the PRV is likely the problem. Either it’s become contaminated with compressor oil and cracks at two low a pressure, or the internal spring, if it has one, has weakened over time. You know the pressure at which this Speedaire model normally stops. Acquire a new PRV with a cracking pressure about 15 PSI higher than that and you should be fine. If it’s not the PRV you are speaking about, please clarify.

  7. nick maranta says:

    I have a Speedair 5Z405D powered by 10hp lesson motor. Sometimes it runs ok but majority of the time it makes a grunting type noise followed by tripping the wall circuit breaker after the motor pulls near 200 amps. Motor and pump spin by hand unloaded fine. We have replaced all the capacitors, same issue. Any advise on how to check pump assembly for a restriction/high resistance? Anyone come across a similar issue?

    • Nick, that’s a tough one. The electrical charts suggest your motor should be pulling about 70 amps on start. Looks like you’ve checked all you can. In logical sequence if you are getting a good power supply to the motor circuit, there are no loose connections, the start panel connections are secure, the caps are good, then it’s pretty much got to be the motor itself is failing, or as you point out, a mechanical load issue caused by the pump. That the pump turns easily by hand with no load is good since when the compressor starts that’s the condition the motor is seeing too, right? No load. As long as the sheaves turn easily, the belt is aligned, the motor should start since there is virtually no load at that time. That points back to the motor for me. Still, if you are handy, tear down the pump and have a look.

  8. Hello I have 1960 Speedaire air compressor I need a off and on switch and aluminum tubing and belt and also parts manual where I find these part’s at or what options do i have can I up date the part’s?.

    • Ruban, I’ve moved your question to the Speedaire page. If you haven’t done so, please check with Grainger about parts for your compressor. You will need to find the model number on the info plate to give to them, along with the serial number. Regarding non-OEM parts, sure, you can substitute any parts that work the same way. If you search for pressure switches, for example, find those that look like the existing one, and as long as the plumbing fits, and the voltage and pressure settings are the same, you can use it. The same for the other parts, including the belts. Please read about the various compressor parts on the pages of this site, as how to replace them with non-OEM is part of some of them.

  9. I have a Speedaire 3z531 compressed air dryer. Any idea how old it is and what it might be worth assuming it still works?

    • The unit is 1/3 horse power with rated capacity 35 SCFM @ 100 psig & 100F. New, they were $1,000 or so and current pricing suggests $250-$350 depending on condition and if it runs at all. We suggest you call Grainger at (1-800-472-4643) to determine when they were first sold.

  10. I have an older Speedaire that stopped working. I loosened the belt and the motor runs freely, but I can barely turn the pump flywheel by hand. The single phase pump part # is 2Z498. Is it rebuild-able and if so where can I get instructions and parts for a model this old?

    • If you Google compressor pump 2Z498 as we just did, pump repair part sources will appear. Most common rebuild parts for the 2Z498 are readily available.

  11. i have upright 60gl speedaire air comp. i know i need valve plate assembly, one of the thin pieces of metal broke off and comp will not build up much pressure.
    numbers i found plate has a t00113
    number under dipstick vt470401
    other side of pump vto403
    bought this new back in 1997
    any help thanks

    • If your Speedaire is a model vt470401, then if you simply Google parts for a vt470401 as we just did, you will find that this pump is made by Campbell Hausfeld, and many parts, including the valve plate, are still available.

  12. Hi-
    I’m looking for a pressure switch for a Speedaire 3Z355 compressor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Scott, we are delighted to post this for you in the hope that a kind Speedaire 3Z355 owner can respond. We cannot find an image on line for your compressor, nor can we find any details about the pressure switch, so we cannot recommend an alternate. If you could post again here, and add a couple of photos of the existing switch, maybe we could find a replacement.

  13. I have a Speedaire compressor m. 2yj61, it. Keeps backfiring and won’t start.

    • Niko, just the other day a motorcycle went by our office, and as they throttled down, a series of backfires could be heard. They were very loud. What the problem with your wheelbarrow compressor sounds like to be is the timing is off, and you have raw gas getting into the exhaust system and igniting there, as opposed to firing inside the cylinder. This is more an auto mechanic type problem than a problem with the air compressor itself. We are not mechanics, so will have to rely on another visitor with a similar wheelbarrow type air compressor to provide a solution specific response.

  14. I have a Grainger Speedaire Compressor and it’s been Tripping the Breaker after they first fill of “Air” into the Tank. I’ve Installed a New 15hp Motor and the problem is Still There. Im Going Back to Check some of the theories on this Page. I’ll Keep You Informed.

  15. I have a 4 gal speedaire pancake compressor. Grainger model # 1vw40. I’m getting 120v into the pressure switch but zero volts on the “motor” side of the switch? I’m assuming the pressure switch is bad?? Can you help me locate a pressure switch?


    • Use this link to search for one where you are, Todd.

      • Thanks Willy. I found an old C-H compressor with a bad motor and was able to salvage the pressure switch off of it. Got the speedaire running last night. Thanks again for your insight.

  16. I have an older Speedier 3Z420 – it builds pressure to about 22psi then slows down and stops. I changed the oil and plugged it directly into an outlet. any ideas??

    • Hi there Ken. If the power supply to the compressor is good, then it’s likely still a power related issue. We think that you may be having a capacitor problem. The caps aid in starting the compressor motor and, in some cases, are used by the compressor while the motor is running. The failure of these devices could lead to the compressor symptom you describe. Please see the page on this site about compressor capacitors and how to check them.

  17. Dale Race says:

    I want to overhaul the pump on an old Speedaire 3Z745A-2. The pump is marked R158C-2 and has two breathers; one from the crankcase to the atmosphere via what looks like an oil dipstick tube, the other from the crankcase to the cylinder head via 1/4″ tubing. I have been unable to find a parts list for this pump. I will need rings, gasket set and reed valves. With respect to the valves, why would I need to replace the plates, assuming they are undamaged? Any advice/assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

    • We couldn’t locate any specifications for this Speedaire 3Z745A-2 compressor. We don’t know how old it is, or were able to see an image to help with information. We hope that another visitor can provide more information about a parts supply. As to the valves themselves, metal fatigue will eventually weaken and allow the valves to break. When will this happen? Probably as soon as you reassemble the pump for testing! (We hope not, but that might happen) If you have torn the pump down for a rebuild, it makes sense to us to replace wear elements, gaskets, seals and the valve plates, just to ensure that an older part doesn’t fail shortly after you rebuild, and then you have to tear down the pump again. Folks do make their own gaskets and valve plates for older compressors. Some of the pages on this site address this.

  18. I have a speedaire HD 095 RAD Upright single faze. With a 2 hp motor.

    The start up is good but as it builds pressure it starts to bind at 35psi and wants to stop, so I turn it off before it trips the breaker.

    It is hard wired no ext. cord.

    • We could not find any information about a Speedaire compressor HD 095 Gary. However, the symptoms your air compressor is exhibiting suggest that you may have a run capacitor failing. We suggest you test both motor capacitors. See the page on this site about how to do that.

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