Quincy Air Compressors

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While this site typically spends time with folks that have smaller, DIY type air compressors, I’ve been specifically asked to include a page about Quincy Air Compressors and am happy to do so.

In just a few years Quincy air compressors can be celebrating their centennial. That’s 100 years in business in 2020. Longevity speaks well of a company, particularly those in the very fast moving compressor industry. Quincy’s success is based on their evolution from the Wall Pump and Compressor Co. in Quincy Illinois, manufacturing and selling milking equipment, to state-of-the art compressors manufactured in various U.S. based plants, and in their Chinese Q-Tech Air Systems, Ltd. opened in 2004.

Quincy-QT15 - Quncy air compressors

Their product range and expertise offers the industrial compressor user a wide range of rotary screw compressors, reciprocating air compressors, vacuum pumps, air preparation equipment, and a variety of complimentary products.

If a question occurs about the use of a Quincy air compressor, it is always best to contact the manufacturer.

Quincy Compressor
701 North Dobson Avenue
Bay Minette, AL 36507
T: 251.937.5900 (8-5 M-F CST)
Purchases made from online retailers call 877.784.6292

This page on Fix-My-Compressor.com offers the Quincy user a forum to provide fellow Quincy air compressor users with tips, or questions, about their Quincy compressor. If you care to, please add a suggestion or comment below.

By Ashley Pearce

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