Gentilin 2 cylinder C330/20 has leaking unloader valve

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Hi, I have a 2 cylindr oil free Gentilin air compressor C330/20 which is malfunctioning due to air leaking from unloader valve. This unloader valve fixed with pressure switch.

During pumping air leaking and compressor running continually and trying to fill up the tanks until the cut out point (10bar) has reached. But it won’t reached at cut out point because of air leaking, so it continually pumping and as the result air supplying tube to unloader valve ruptured. Because of continuous pumping air lines and piston heads are getting hot enough to burn if touched.

Any help will be appreciated.


Gentilin 330-20 air compressor Photo:
Gentilin 330-20 air compressor

Willy r says, for the folks that don’t know, Gentilin offers quite a range of compressors, and are of Italian manufacture. Their site can be reached using the URL in the image caption if you have interest in their products.

Imran, though I am not familiar with the compressor, I did find the catalog and had a look, as best I could, of the setup.

Based on what you are saying, it seems clear that the unloader valve in the pressure switch is stuck open or failed in another way, and the result is exactly the symptoms you describe.

If this were my air compressor, I would be replacing the pressure switch to resolve the problem. The easiest solution is to purchase the same switch from the distributor of the Gentilin compressor, though I suspect, as many compressor manufacturers do, they buy a standard switch from a switch manufacturer, in which case, you may be able to find a similar pressure switch with an integral unloader from any compressor or fluid power shop.

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